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Click below to see some examples of print and digital options for your company’s custom coloring book. The print options will appear as books electronic books you can flip through. We will build the app for you using your brand standards. It also has an accompanied audio file for lessons and messages. Everything can be customized, including illustrations and lessons.

Beef, Soy, Corn, and More!

Super heroes explore the benefits of beef and practical cooking tips.
Learning and coloring for kids!
What would we do! This book presents the case for keeping farmers in the mix.
Discover the variety of vehicles that are powered by biodiesel!
Join Doyle O'Boyle & Slick as they go on an adventure to learn more about soy oil!
Introducing Cora and a "hopping corn" experiment.
The best in beef humor and nutrition tips, too.
An intriguing activity book for children looking for a fun challenge. Introducing Beef O'Keefe!
A-Maze-ing fun facts about the largest crop in the U.S.A.: Corn
Explore the practice of cultivating the land in a way that protects it for future generations.